I’ve taught writing for fourteen years now, in courses that range from first-year writing to advanced composition, upper-division business writing, and special topics in rhetoric and composition, including one on digital genres. During this time, I’ve gained extensive experience in a number of learning environments, including the online and hybrid (or blended) environments. If you’d like to know more about how I approach teaching and learning, please visit my statement of teaching philosophy.

In addition, I also have four years of administrative experience, three in NC State’s First-Year Writing Program and one in the Campus Writing & Speaking Program. These roles have given me experience with program development, program assessment, and personnel review. They have also given me the opportunity to co-develop a new course for the program and redesign an existing course (see below).

Courses Taught

English 100, “Introduction to Academic Writing,” N.C. State University (2005-2010). Learning environments: laptop, desktop, traditional.

English 101, “Academic Writing and Research,” N.C. State University (2004-2014). Learning environments: face-to-face, online, hybrid, flexible, bring-your-own-technology, laptop, desktop, traditional.

English 323, “Writing in the Rhetorical Tradition,” N.C. State University (2006, 2016). Advanced composition course putting writing and argument in context of rhetorical history, theory, and practice. Learning environment: traditional classroom.

English 332, “Communication for Business and Management,” N.C. State University (2015-2016). Professional writing course with a focus on business, nonprofits, and public organizations. Learning environment: online.

Communication/English 395, “Digital Genres: Getting Things Done Online,” N.C. State University (2015). Special topics course on rhetorical genre theory and digital rhetoric. Learning environment: seminar classroom.

Courses Developed

English 100, “Reading and Writing Rhetorically,” N.C. State University (revised with Susan Miller-Cochran, Kate Lavia, and Ben Murphy, 2014-2015).

English 101 Online, “Academic Writing and Research,” N.C. State University (designed and piloted the first online English 101 course at N.C. State with Susan Miller-Cochran, 2014).

English 105, “Writing and Research in the Disciplines,” N.C. State University (developed with Susan Miller-Cochran and Bridget Kozlow, 2014-2015).

English 395, “Digital Genres: Getting Things Done Online,” N.C. State University (developed 2015).