Dissertation Acknowledgements

Finishing a dissertation requires a lot of help. For many of these people, there is no way to adequately thank them for the help they've given me, but acknowledging the help is a start. I cannot name my research participants by name, but they know who they are and I hope they realize how grateful I am for the time and trust they gave me. Acknowledgements (verbatim from my dissertation) No endeavor of this size is completed alone. To invoke Mikhail Bakhtin, no utterance is uttered alone. While [Read more...]

Dissertation Defended

It's been a busy July. I defended my dissertation on July 3rd and relocated with my family to Oxford, Georgia on the 8th to start my new position as an assistant professor of English and the Director of the Writing Program at Oxford College of Emory University. I will post a link to my dissertation on the NC State Libraries website once it's available, but in the meantime I thought I'd share my abstract here. REID. GWENDOLYNNE COLLINS. Digital Writing in the Disciplines: Imagining [Read more...]